Las Delicias Latinas

Enjoy authentic latin flavors from our chef.

WELCOME TO Las Delicias Latinas

Las Delicias Latinas is your go-to destination for authentic Latin American flavors on wheels! Located at 14290 West Dixie Highway, North Miami, Florida 33161, our food truck offers a wide array of delectable dishes that celebrate the rich culinary heritage of Latin America. From mouth-watering tacos and savory nachos to hearty baleadas and refreshing jugo naturales, every dish is made with fresh ingredients and traditional recipes that will transport your taste buds south of the border.

Menu Highlight

Fresh and delicious





Healthy & Tasty


Honduran tortillas filled with refried beans, cheese, and avocado.


Grilled corn on the cob smeared with butter, cheese, chili powder, and lime.

Empanadas Colombianas

Flaky pastry pockets filled with savory beef or chicken.

Jugo Naturales

Freshly squeezed natural fruit juices.


Corn tortillas rolled around a filling and covered with a savory sauce.


Fried turnovers filled with savory or sweet ingredients.


Salvadoran stuffed corn cakes filled with cheese, beans, or pork.

Sopa de Res

Hearty beef soup with vegetables.

Catering services for private events and parties.

Special Features

Daily specials featuring unique Latin American dishes.

Vegetarian and vegan options available.

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What our customers say about us!



A Bit of a Mixed Bag

Las Delicias Latinas offers a good variety of Latin foods, but my experience has been hit or miss. I enjoyed their pupusas; they had a nice texture and flavor. However, the arepas I tried were a bit dry and lacked seasoning. I appreciate the effort they put into creating authentic products, but consistency is key. I'll give them another try, but I hope to see some improvements in the future.



Good Food ,Great vibe

I have been a fan of Las Delicias Latinas for a few months now, and their food never disappoints. The empanadas are my absolute favorite—they are crispy, flavorful, and generously filled. The only downside is that their products are not available in all the stores near me. I hope they expand their distribution soon because I hate having to drive an extra distance just to get my hands on them. Otherwise, the quality and taste are top-notch!


Mia Cecilia

A Culinary Delight on Wheels

Las Delicias Latinas has quickly become my go-to brand for all things Latin cuisine. Their products are incredibly authentic, bringing the rich, vibrant flavors of Latin America right into my kitchen. I recently tried their tamales and was blown away by the quality and taste. The masa was perfectly moist, and the fillings were seasoned to perfection. It felt like I was back in my grandmother's kitchen. I highly recommend Las Delicias Latinas to anyone looking for genuine Latin American food.

Address and Number

For inquiries, catering bookings, or to find out our next location, call us at (305) 780-9039.


14290 West Dixie Highway, North Miami, Florida 33161

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Hours of Operation

Mon – Sat 4:00pm – 1:00am

Sunday – CLOSED

Phone Number:

(305) 780-9039.


14290 West Dixie Highway, North Miami, Florida 33161

(305) 780-9039.